Project Description
A client for converting sites into PDF.
In other words, it is a HTML to PDF Converter for a whole section of a site.

Did you know?
There are new features in the pipe. Vote on the ones you want released first.

Found a stack exchange question that wasn't answered satisfactorily.
The solution was easy enough, hence the project.

It does this by:
1. Downloading the HTML page
2. Parsing the page for children
3. Cleaning up the HTML Page (remove sections that you don't require)
4. Convert the HTML page into PDF
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for all children.
6. Finally, merge all PDF's created in the above steps, while converting hyperlinks to internal bookmarks where possible.

At the moment, the project only works with MSDN, but is extensible enough to work with any site.
Additions of other sites is welcomed.

Thanks to others for their work:
Html Agility Pack -> Parsing html documents (Ms-PL License)
Pechkin -> Converting html into PDF (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License)
iTextSharp -> Updating and Merging PDF documents (Affero GNU Public License)

Regarding the license for this project, I am no expert so far now have selected Ms-RL.
If one thinks this is incorrectly chosen (due to third party software used), please advise.

Usage Examples
Application Settings

Since the 'closed as not constructive'-nazis at stack exchange have closed the original question, please feel free to rate the release or have further discussions, on this site.

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